The Church of the Holy Spirit in Plymouth, NH needed a portfolio of information to support their search for a new rector. We created this comprehensive booklet that was distributed in print and on the web. I did all of the layout and design, and wrote the majority of the copy. I also designed the church's website.
My first love is exhibit design. This exhibit is part of the permanent collection of the Seacoast Science Center and regularly on loan to area organizations. I translated science and history from the world's leading experts on overfishing into language for the general public, at roughly a fourth grade level.
Pratt Towers community sign
Pratt Towers is part of the Mitchell-Lama program that provides affordable rental and cooperative housing to moderate- and middle-income families. The Board of Directors commissioned this 18" x 24" placard and similar signage for their playground and Community Space.
I approach business card design from the perspective of branding and targeted messaging.
I particularly enjoy working with first-time business card creators. The Knifty Kitty was a business concept built by two eleven year old young women. We worked closely together to capture colors and designs that reflected who they are, their designs, and the message they wanted their customers to see.
With a growing emphasis on experiences over things, "coupons" are great gifts. These can be formatted as notecards, business cards, bound in a book, printed on heavy paper, or whatever suits the occasion. They are tailored specifically to the giver and recipient. These are great for corporate gifts and business giveaways, as well as perfectly personalized gifts between friends, family, and couples.
Another great gift for yourself or someone else, or as a marketing tool for your customers, is a bound book completely customized with your style and message. In this example, a client wanted to give her best friend a "grateful journal." The design is based on her friend's tattoo and uses each of their favorite colors.
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