The cutting edge opera company Teatro Nuovo stages operas with no conductor. The first violin cues the players with their head and bow. To accomplish this, they need to know their own part and whatever significant action is going on in other parts of the orchestra and on stage.
I strip the conductor’s score to its bare essentials - always the violin I part, and whatever else has importance. I balance readability and adequate information with reduced page turns. A blank stave is sometimes included, based on the preference of the first violinist for each opera, to write in other parts or notes. 
Medea in Corinto, reduced from 636 pages to 156 (75% reduction), and Tancredi from 777 pages to 178 (77% reduction).
The No Impact Project runs programs for groups and workplaces around the world to teach people how to sustainably reduce their impact on the environment. I updated the template to customize it for each new group/site, adhering to the style rules of the original template and the client's needs.
Natural Selections is a newsletter by and for the Rockefeller University community. I updated all copy, images, captions, and special features. I adhered to the style and layout rules of the original template, modifying appropriately as needed.
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