Enjoy the
This coloring book is suitable for all ages, but is targeted at adults who want to color but just can't even with the fancy stuff. 
An entire page that is supposed to go together? Fancy perfect little whatevers? Patterns upon patterns that I have to plan out or risk it all looking like crap? Some people are down with that, but the rest of us have three and a half minutes until the kids wake up, two crayons and a broken pencil, and our knee to draw on. This is for you. (The "lazy git" is me. Seriously, I put like zero effort into making this look good. Do me proud with an equal amount of effort in planning and stressing about making it look "right.")
Some of the pages are random collections of things suggested by friends. Some have a very special meaning to me. One is especially for my friend who said she just loves flowers (or, um, was it that she hates them? I can't remember... ;)).
Printing: Print double-sided on letter, then fold the pages in half.
If you want to share this, please link to this page and share with attribution. I didn't put a watermark all over it because I hope you'll be decent. Please be decent.
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